May 6, 2010

On Maurice Sendak and Oatmeal Cocoa Pancakes

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Just like Mickey from “In The Night Kitchen”, the wonderful kid’s book by Maurice Sendak, I find myself many many times being awake in the wee small hours of the morning, trying to make something work.

It was always like that. I never knew how to manage time the way I wouldn't be left with last minute projects. Everything I was ever passionate working on always happened while everybody else were asleep. As a former Architecture student I found myself building models throughout the night (but hey, didn’t everyone?). Every party or birthday celebration always kept me deprived of sleep while I was planning, wrapping presents, picking out menus. Ever since I can remember myself, I have experienced my baking skills in the middle of the night.

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“Why?”, “Why are you doing it to yourself?”, my dear Mr. Y (my darling husband) asks in a judgmental voice..., “When will you learn ... to put things in perspective ... to start planning more early?” Well, the truth is - I admit that I like it this way. I like the silence, that non-pressure environment. I like that in those hours it seems like time has stopped and morning is very far away. I like the fact that it’s just me, and I don’t need to face the dreaded juggling between tasks, that I can do what I always do best: doing one thing at a time and doing it right (well, most of the time...).

So, this new blog is about my love to whatever meets the eye and mouth, for the love of baking, planning and making things nice, preferably in the night, in my nocturnal little kitchen. But not just - because I’m really trying to improve my ways, to "join society" and to manage my time more efficiently.

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For my first post on this blog, here’s something that won’t keep you up awake at night. It’s the easiest morning pancake, and just like Sendak's “In the Night Kitchen” ends with the promise of making an all time American pancake every morning (“Milk for the morning cake...”), I made a promise to myself to make a bunch of pancakes for my two guys every weekend.

This is the cocoa oatmeal version, which is slightly more corrupted, but of course they’re worth it... serve them with fresh fruit and lots of thick yogurt.

Oatmeal Cocoa Pancakes

I make these in a pancake pan, which yields 7 small ones, and the recipe is good for two batches

100 gr white flour
60 gr organic oats
40 gr quick cooking white oats
15 gr cocoa powder, sifted
7 gr baking powder
60 gr cane sugar
50 gr butter
1 large organic egg
3/4 cup whole milk

butter or oil for greasing the pan

greek yogurt
icing sugar for dusting

In a medium bowl whisk together the white flour, two kinds of oats, cocoa powder, baking powder and cane sugar.

In a small saucepan melt the butter, and cool for a couple of minutes.

Make a hole in the center of the dry ingredients mix and add the milk and egg. start mixing, and then add the melted butter. Mix until the batter is smooth (do not over mix).

Put the pancake pan on medium heat. When the pan is hot, grease it and divide half of the pancake batter between the holes. When bubbles appear on one side, turn the pancakes with a spatula to the other side (about 3-4 min. for each side). grease the pan again, and continue with the second half of the batter. Make 14 small pancakes.

Dust with icing sugar and serve immediately with yogurt and fruit!

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  1. מדהים ומרגש! האהבה לאסתטיקה ולכל דבר בעל טעם אנין וסגנון מיוחד ניכרת בכתיבה וזה עושה חשק לעוד.
    המשיכי כך! ושיהיה בהצלחה

  2. אין אדם שני שיודע כמוך להפוך את השגרה היום יומית, לרגע של אושר, ריגוש, וזכרון בלתי נשכח. תמשיכי ליצור עבורינו את הפנטזיה של העולם המואר הטעים והטוב לב שבו כולנו רוצים לחיות,

    בשעה טובה, ממי
    אנה עם זכרון של עוגת גבינה בפה

  3. עם תוצאות כמו שלך - נראה שזו בכלל טעות לעבוד בשעות היום.

    דודה נורית

  4. looks so tasty...mmmmmm
    and the writing... makes you want to start cooking...
    we will try it 2moro morning

    ronny michal and ela
    Mazal tov on the new blog

    ps:i linked your blog to my student can cook on their spare time

  5. וואו! איזו כתיבה נהדרת! ותצלומים יפהפיים!
    רק מי שביקר במטבח שלך יכול להבין את החיבור המיוחד שלך לאוכל
    במטבח תל אביבי קטן וצפוף משנות השמונים יש קסם כזה שקשה להסבירו

    רוצים את כדורי השוקולד של יום העצמאות!

    בהצלחה, יקירתי


  6. As a fellow last minute (wo)man, (I guess we enjoy the thrill and rush...of every late night ulcer before each deadline....),YOU GO GIRL!!!