Dec 17, 2010

The Absence of Autumn with Bosc Pears Tartelettes

After the last weekend of extreme stormy weather, it’s safe to say winter has arrived to Tel Aviv. Having to give up on autumn this year, we’ve waited for the rain so much, that when it finally arrived we soon wished it will go away, cause we’ve remembered that Tel Aviv’s apartments are definitely not constructed for anything but nice or sticky weather. So with no real autumn, my favorite of all seasons, all that’s left is to trust that sadly the Israeli winter won’t be that harsh anyway, will go away in a split second, and soon we’ll find ourselves “enjoying” summer for another 7-8 months of the year...

With a very long absence on my account too, I’m finally posting my not-so-up-to-date autumn post, with hope I’ll catch up soon to some more wintery ones.

I found those amazing Bosc Pears in the market two weeks ago and decided to pair them with some classic baked almond cream tartelettes. So long in their necks, aristocratic in all pears, Bosc pears (Beurre Bosc) have a dark cinnamon brown color skin and a white aromatic juicy interior, perfect for baking.

I first made the pears in vanilla syrup, and then baked them with almond cream in some almond cinnamon short dough shells. The smell of them coming out of the oven is priceless, but since I made the recipe solely for this blog, I’ve soon found myself in the middle of the day, alone with eight of them in the kitchen, and no one to share the odors and craving to break one before shooting. I did enjoy one with my husband later that night, and they heat up really good, but if you can, bake them fresh, and enjoy soon... nothing compares.

And for last, a recommendation. Miri Hanoch and Eyal Shany’s new column in “Time Out Tel Aviv”, is a real treat to read. With her witty smart writing and his recipes and realistic food photos they combine to some really joyful food articles, that were missed since their writings for “Musaf Haaretz”.

More posts more frequently ahead..., I promise.